[Exile Adventures is my way of chronicling my trip to America with the purpose of finding what I want to do with my life and what it is about.]

Watched the white sox.

They are better than the cubs.

People actually watch the games in Cellular field.

People just drink in Wrigley field.

Went clubbing. It was fun.

But it reminded me why I never go clubbing.

I never was the type to conform to other people’s standards but when you go to a club, you have to play “the game” like dress nice, dance in a specific way, buying girls drinks and shit. All in the name of getting piss ass drunk and getting laid tonight.

It makes me think that the easiest way to get laid is when you get married. At least it will be passionate, it will have a meaning, and you are actually obligated to do so to ensure the survival of the species.

You don’t have to go through humiliation, awkwardness, drinking yourself to shit, and all those shenanigans just to get laid.

I actually feel sad for some of the guys I saw who was surrounding this one girl. Imagine 5 guys circling this one very drunk girl like sharks. I think they are desperate but a friend here told me “Oh Americans are just aggressive like that” but isn’t aggression a sign of desperation to accomplish things as fast as possible?

So yeah. Will never go clubbing again.

I miss dancing though haha fucking stupid joint pain ridden knees!

A Korean, 3 Filipinos, a man from the Republic of Congo, an Afghani, a Russian girl, an Irish American, and an Irish Mexican walked into a bar?

Only in America that these things will happen.

We were flinging insults all around each other.  But we still managed to have a good time.

This made me believe in world peace. By ignoring all political correctness, accepting the fact that the thing that makes us common is all the differences we have, and by not taking things personally, we could achieve world peace.

Just like in my favorite Ska band’s song Hell on Earth "If we could build a bomb then we can build heaven too"

  1. sharpeobservations said: Dude, never buy them drinks. None of those herbs buying her drinks will get laid, because they’re just ATM’s. Make her buy you a drink. You’ll stand out and she’ll be more interested. Co-sign on marriage though. :)
  2. agdemesathoughts posted this
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