[Exile Adventures is my way of chronicling my trip to America with the purpose of finding what I want to do with my life and what it is about.]

3 months.

Imagine that.

I thought that this trip will change my life. It did not. What it made me realize that I have it in me all along. That I could be a good person and be good to other people too. That I will commit mistakes but there is always a way to correct or at least to never commit mistakes again. And most importantly it made me realize how lucky I am to have met great people, to have friends who can’t wait for me to get back home, to have a great family that despite my shortcomings still see the good that I can do.

Now it is all up to me.

Armed with the Exile Adventures I have and the new knowledge of what I can and can not do, I must now start and leave my mark on the world.

Maybe the world is too big to leave my mark on but if I could be remembered by a few people, my friends, my family, and my future family then I guess that is good enough.

This is the end of the Exile and start of a new Adventure.

See you in a few hours Manila.

  1. bokgil said: See you soon!
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