[Exile Adventures is my way of chronicling my trip to America with the purpose of finding what I want to do with my life and what it is about.]

A Hawaiian themed Church fundraiser held in a basement.

It’s could have been a premise for one of them Mockumentary comedies (notable examples are Party Down, Parks and Rec, The Office, and The League)

There was a guy with long as hell sideburns, dancing with everyone, and spouting a comment like this to twins: “You know, you were made once but two came out!”

Speaking of the twins, they played on stage. I’m no musical genius but when a non musical genius knows you are screwing up, there is something wrong.

The headliner band was Ellen and the soundwaves. The organ player’s sound check was Dawnby Richard Strauss. I thought something would explode or any minute, Rick Flair would make a special appearance.

What’s weird is everyone was having a hard time speaking in English when clearly, 97% of all the people in the venue were Filipino. (3 white people, a couple of latinos, and a handful of indians) I was speaking tagalog to everyone, even to the Parish priest (indian) and he somewhat understood me :D

It was hella awkward but it was fun.

Especially seeing old people dancing. I want that too, in the future :)

When you play the grill of thrones… Ok, i’m stopping the bad pun there.

Also went to a meat packing center.

There were literally a lot of meat! I could see me and my friends now who are avid meat eaters. It’s as cold as Winterfell but the manly men throwing meat around, cutting meat, and the cold temperature made it a really awesome Manly place!

I cooked for my family yesterday. Well grill. As grilling the only type of cooking that I have confidence in.

Weird that Charcoal here in America heats up fast and burns longer. So yeah, I overcooked one chicken, but I adjusted and like a Lannister, paid my dues.

I think I should learn to cook more food. For my personal needs, to not just be the designated dishwasher during out of town trips with my boys, or you know… to whip something up for the morning after (haha as if that is going to happen!)

But yeah, I enjoy cooking. Getting the skill will be pogi points for my mother :)

  1. bokgil said: hehe! next time may tagaytay trip (or any out of town trip), you’re on grill duty with me…been the designated griller pag may sunday steak dinner kami dito eh, and i’ve improved a lot since our last steak dinner with the boys…
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