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I want to take this time to commemorate of a man who passed away recently, a good friend, someone who always got our back in Call of Duty, Grant.

When someone close dies, you can’t help but re-evaluate your life. Grant already has a lot of achievements despite his age. He was an honorable and hard working man.

I will never forget him for giving me the opportunity to direct a play with my best friend. He allowed the shenanigans I want to include and trusted me all the way.

You always got our back, Thanks for everything Grant. You will be missed by me, the bodega boys, the UA&P theater community, and your family. Glad to have met you and see you soon :)

Went to hooters so I was like,

the women are really pretty but then something hit me, it takes great confidence to be a hooters girl. I know they are caring and invades my personal space but I can’t help but admire their confidence. With confidence you can really conquer anything.

oh and the chicken wings are great.

I was walking in Rogers Park arts fest. Someone stopped me and asked: “Hey are you a model?” and I was like

seriously, things like that can brighten a bad day :) So yeah, to my parents who say i’m ugly as fuck, people think I could be a model (although I won’t be :P) hahaha alright, stopping vanity now.

Watched a game in wrigley field, CUBS WON!

seeing 2 homers and 3 double plays from the cubs was awesome :) but still, in between that I’m bored as fuck. Baseball is a weird sport.

My Godfather of an uncle imparted another golden piece of nugget with me. He told me "There are two ways that women become successful, either they become smart or act stupid"

so after he was laughing like a hyena, I think about his nugget of wisdom again.

He is right.

The smart girls get the job done. They are the powerful independent women that you would see high up on the corporate world or performing well in politics. Notable examples: Margaret Thatcher, Joan of Arc, Leslie Knoppe (fictional but it counts!!!), Tina Fey, Queen Gorgo of Sparta, Queen Elizabeth I etc.

While many are annoyed at the stupid girls, they still are acting smart by being stupid. They give men a false sense of superiority but in truth, they have men wrapped around their fingers following their every whim. Notable examples: Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Cleopatra etc. 

You may think Hilton and Kardashian are stupid but who is rolling in Millions now and literally gets paid to party!? Fuckin A right?! Your Job is to fucking Party. As for cleopatra, let’s not forget how they tried to take over the Roman Empire.

So yeah, it’s a fun thought. Made me think about the girls in my life who act stupid or became smart to get things done :)

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