Do everything that will make you happy.

The beautiful part of the photograph is not the photograph itself but the one that is shown in it.

Give your love to those who deserve it.

Love is hard. 

Life is harder.

It’s good to just enjoy things.

Don’t be a nerd all the time.

We will never run out of options.

If you concentrate on the positive ones, it will make you feel better and it might even come to fruition.

For you to be continuously loved by another, give something of value.

The only exception to this is family. They will love you no matter what. 

The only way to show another person that you do not care is when you ignore every single bit about them even with the full knowledge of the person’s existence.

Don’t make babies on March.

They will be born in December making them automatically hate their birthday and thus  their self esteem as well.

No one will go to their parties, said parties will be a bitch to organize, and they will only receive one gift for both their birthday and Christmas.

Bonus Lesson:

You can’t upstage Jesus. Seriously.

Music is the worst drug and/or the best therapy.

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